View and download stories from Instagram

The fastest way to watch stories from any Instagram profile anonymously and for free. Without registration, on any browser on your computer or mobile (iPhone, Android, others). Enter your username, click the "Download" button and download stories for free.

Insaved Stories is a free online service for viewing Instagram stories anonymously without the need for registration. It allows users to follow any person's Insta Stories without them seeing who watched their content.

In addition, users can download stories online directly through our site.

How do I watch Instagram stories anonymously?

On this page, enter the username of any person on Instagram, such as gigihadid or meganfox, in the form above and click "Download". Immediately after that, the actual stories of the specified user will be downloaded.

You can watch downloaded stories incognito and absolutely free on your device (computer, tablet, Android phone, or iPhone).

Note, by default, there is no way to watch other people's stories anonymously on Instagram. You need to have an Instagram account to follow someone. Our service, on the other hand, allows you to watch stories anonymously and without the need to log on to Insta or our website.

Can they see who was watching the stories?

No, when you view stories through our site, there's no way for the author of a story to know that you've watched it. Furthermore, we don't collect, store, or use any user data. We don't see your IP address or any information about you.

How do I download Instagram stories?

Instagram doesn't allow you to download stories to your device. However, you can do so with the help of our site. As described above, download the stories of any person, and once done, you have the option to save the downloaded stories to your device with one click.

What stories can I download?

Insaved Stories allows you to download any Stories from any public (not closed) Instagram profiles.

Is there a fee for downloading stories?

Insaved is a completely free service, so you can download stories from Instagram now and in the future, without any fee.

What devices does InSaved work on?

Insaved works on any computer, tablet, and phone with a pre-installed web browser (Chrome, Opera, Firefox, etc.). On the browser, you need to open our site to immediately use the service and download content from Instagram.

In what format is the story downloaded?

Stories can be in video format and photo format. Videos are downloaded in MP4 and photos in PNG or JPEG.